I realized that my daily playlists pretty much had the same theme running. Guy + Girl. Duos of songwriters, one girl and one guy. They all make me want to pick up a guitar and teach Andy how to harmonize. Thought I'd share my rotating obsessions:

 The Civil Wars. Got to see them last weekend at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (a must if you're near San Francisco) and was bloooown away. Elegant, haunting, pitch perfect melodies with a guitar. That's it.

Bowerbirds. Okay, they are more three than two, but for today we are just going to focus on the two Philip Moore and Beth Tacular, and point out that they live in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. Love!

And of course Angus and Julia Stone. A little Aussie sibling sounds brings me right into happy work zone for the day.

Happy listening!

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