Weddings. Ah they are always amazing and always a celebration. As I start planning for our own I've realized how many resources there are out there - and how quickly they can overwhelm! I'm officially stepping back and away from all wedding magazines and pre-written to do lists, and am going to plan this party like I do every other party I host: with love and simplicity. The people are the most important element, and it's often hard to remember that while pinning 200 photos of beautiful dresses and table settings...

Nothing like a simple and personal wedding weekend to snap me out of it. We celebrated Chantelle and Patrick overlooking the ocean at Sunset Cliffs this weekend. Everything about it was so personal; she and her bridesmaids made the succulent bouquets, her grandfather officiated, the reception was held in his parent's lush backyard, and they served yummy craft beer and fish tacos while we all played ping pong. The best! It was a total testament to each other, the life they have already created for themselves, and celebrating in their own style surrounded by the people who love and know them best. And that's what weddings are all about!

Chantelle has always been such a sweet lover of our jewelry, and asked if I would help her come up with something for her bridesmaids. It's such a flattering and special request - and the girls looked so beautiful in their navy dresses against the calm Pacific backdrop. To match with the different necklines, we decided to keep it simple and shorter. We used vintage brass chain and a beautiful light blue Peruvian Opal drop stone, with slightly different designs and beading for each necklace.

Congratulations Chantelle and Patrick! We are so happy to have shared in your day! With so much love! - Jackie

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