Well Labor Day is upon us.  End of summer & back to school we go. Say goodbye to pool days and hello to the spray tan booths, goodbye to cut off shorts and a big welcome to corduroy. Well not all of us are going back to school. No way I am going back. See ya later pop quizzes on Fridays and I will no longer raise my hand to go to the bathroom. Not healthy to hold it.

Let freedom ring in this great Awaiting Alice, The Grey Storm necklace paired up with a leather skirt and easy green pullover. *Style tidbit* Give yourself some height with a skirt this shape with some heeled booties. To finish it off toss on your rustic backpack even though you may or may not have books in them. 

Bienvenue Fall! 
Your Personal Stylist, 
Laura E


Laura Ernst is owner of the personal styling company Cotton Glitter, and lucky for us - our weekly fashion Friday guest columnist!

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