I woke up this morning stepped in my closet and these were my thoughts: 

Today, I will "lady lounge."  It's Friday and my Friday Right is to lounge like a lady, meaning I can bend over easily in my Calypso Ex-Boyfriend Jeans. The dainty lady that I am will be accessorizing these wonderful, wonderful pants by decorating my neck with my Awaiting Alice, The Looking Wonder necklace.  

Then I picked up my forever wonderful Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag because well, that's always a good idea. I wanted for my necklace to be the focal point so I debated heavily with myself on if I should even wear a top. The top won. Naturally, (no pun intended) going with my neutral and bright theme, I slid my feet into a great pair of Jcrew neutral & bright color block ballet flats. All done! -Laura E. 


Laura Ernst is owner of the personal styling company Cotton Glitter, and lucky for us - our weekly fashion Friday guest columnist!

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