A secret message in a forest of trees from a farmer in England to his wife who passed on. How much more beautiful can you get?

I have a weak spot when it comes to Love and Trees - last month Andy and I got engaged (!) while searching for The Love Tree on our hike in Tesuque Creek, Santa Fe. There's this massive ponderosa pine tree where hikers often picnic and leave little mementos in the bark - pennies, notes, feathers, stones. If you get up close enough and take a deep breath, the sap smells like sweet vanilla. You can usually spot the tree by hiking just past the second water crossing. Often there are stacks of stones or spiral designs made of pine cones surrounding to help mark the tree. The bark even has little heart shaped holes in it!

It had been quite a while since we had hiked this trail together, and we blasted right past The Love Tree - 4 miles past! After 12 creek crossings (I counted), a rabble of white butterflies blocking our path, and a sunburned and hungry me questioning our location, we finally turned back in search of our tree. We eventually settled to create our Own Love Tree (bush whacking to get there, and surrounded by flies), where Andy asked, I said yes, thunder rumbled, we placed some carved stones in our New Love Tree, and we hiked out only to find The Real Love Tree just around the corner.

Ah, to love trees - new, old, from the ground or sky! - Jackie

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