Leading Ladies

Powerful, sexy, talented female voices. A few of my rotating favorites lately, with some killer videos to match!

Lana Del Rey's debut album just officially released last week, and I can not get enough of this video. Tigers? Flower headdresses? Renaissance ceilings? Yes to all, and yes to her legit voice.

Kimbra's Cameo Lover makes me want to dance on top of a green hill and have bright flowers fall from the sky. And her Settle Down is a bit reminiscent of this, but on the other hand, I might actually name my daughter Nebraska Jones.

Florence + The Machine's album Ceremonials is so powerful that I bought the actual record (we don't have a record player yet!) because I got excited to hear it in it's fullness. Plus I love how she rocks shoulder pads and her bad ass red hair.

Laura Marling is at the first of my list when I'm in stuck or tired creative moments. The entire I Speak Because I Can album is beyond fantastic. And she does things like her "Experiments in Awkwardness" private and secret shows for 2 random fans at hidden locations. Sooo cool.

Happy listening!
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