Daily Sounds

Mmm I have a habit of listening to NPR before I even put coffee on in the morning up until well after lunchtime. Maybe it's something of a comfort to hear other voices in the background as I work solo status at my home office. Maybe it's my weak attempt at staying in tune with the craziness of this mundo (mostly I wonder if I can obtain info from Marketplace like osmosis because it seriously goes in one ear and out the other). Either way, this is a confession of my obsession with NPR.

Example: yesterday's humorous and adorable post on Krulwich Wonders... about pandas! And again a nerd alert, if you choose to listen to one pod cast ever, choose RadioLab. Seriously, it has everything, including the above mentioned Robert Krulwich, and is the most perfect time traveler for road trips. Okay, back to NPR. When I've rounded through my Morning Edition and Terry Gross for the day, I'll either jump on Grooveshark for my own mix (yesterday's was 3 hours of Fela Kuti = jams) or find a good mix on 8tracks - which is amazing. You have to do some sifting, but it's a site compiled with users' mixes, and you stream them just as if your friend burned you a CD and you are excitedly waiting for the next track. I have plans to create an Awaiting Alice profile on there, so hopefully someday in the new year I can send that along and we can all dance together to the same tunes at the same time...! Too much?

But the last word in my morning tunage confession, is about the NPR 100 Favorite Songs for 2011 list. Please, go here. Listen to all of them. You will love it. It's like bundling up an entire year with every genre (yes, jazz aficionado and rap connoisseurs alike) and listening to it in one sitting. Alright, maybe two sittings, because we are supposed to be doing the whole blood flow thing and not sitting too much in long periods of time.

Happy listening, and enjoy!
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