Clean Slate

Happy 2012! New years are one of my favorite things - it's like the first day of school (I was am such a nerd) or like waking up after the first night in your new apartment - so many exciting possibilities; the light comes in from a new window, different faces of people you know you'll become better acquainted with as time grows further - a clean slate. I keep a chalkboard of all my current projects just near my desk filled with two columns, one labeled To Do and the other In Progress. I'm kind of obsessive about crossing off and erasing one from the first column and adding it to the second. Before leaving our little LA abode for a few weeks of travel during the holidays, I was able to cross off all my To Do's, finish off all the In Progress' and clean my slate. It was an invigorating thing to come home to after the new year. A clean slate.

I'm actually still unpacking goodies from our trips to the Jones' orange orchard of a home in San Diego, Christmas spent in the white wonderland of Santa Fe with my family, and a New Years celebration of camping and climbing in Joshua Tree with our closest friends and my brothers. But I'm already excited for the growing list of To Do's on this newest years' slate.

First on the list, I'm wrapping up two sets of wedding invitation designs (for beautiful couples, one pair in San Diego, the other in Paris! more news on those projects to come...) And we are super pumped that our pieces flew out at the beautiful Artisan Center boutique in Denver, so our hands will happily be busy to start the year off filling the new order for February (yay Awaiting Alice team!) Before you know it, Spring will have come (although it feels like summer here in sunny 80 degree LA) and I'll be jumping on a plane to NYC for the first of the 2012 SOFA shows with THINK Creative Consulting, and I already have a slew of fun design and programming jobs lined up for this month (ps I'm making it a new years resolution to share more of those projects from my "other" job on here, it all comes as a fusion in my head anyway, so why not share it all in one place?) Many other big projects a-brewing from both the grand plans for Awaiting Alice, and other secret projects that I hope I can unveil someday soon...dun dun duuuun.. a little mystery is also a great thing to interject into a new year, right?

I hope you all had a beautiful entry into this year, and are filling your slate up with projects to tackle with delight and challenge in this fresh start. Cheers to new beginnings, clean slates, and surrounding ourselves with beauty and creativity (and more exercise, although that's been my running resolution for the past 12 years)!

2011 began for me eating kangaroo in a remote mining village outside of Sydney, Australia (yup, elaboration on that one to come), brought me a move from beloved Austin to the urban LA, shifts in career and creations, meeting new faces, confirming old ones, growing up, and growing ever more curious, and ended over a campfire and champagne toast under the stars of Joshua Tree.  A few quick peeks from my last two weeks of 2011...

Awaiting Alice adventures! Me and Laura in Vin de Syrah, a bar in SD with an Alice in Wonderland theme and the most yummy cocktails.

The succulent rich yard of Andy's brother and sister in law, Isaac and Natalia found in South Park, San Diego.

Stumbled upon this delicious ramen restaurant in downtown San Diego.
Snow filled cacti on the hike behind my parents house along the railroad tracks in Santa Fe.

Bloomin cholla under snow.

The farilitos lining a snow filled Canyon Road on our traditional Christmas Eve walk in Santa Fe.

From my family to yours, happy new year!

With much cheer and in anticipation of a very good year for all!
Enjoy, Jackie
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