Kiah Denson // Austin Artista

We are thrilled for our dear and talented friend Kiah who is kicking ass in the art world, and making heads turn (and who's wouldn't? she's so pretty!) Congrats Kiah on your new studio at Bay6 Gallery, all your beautiful new art, the recent Austin Eavesdropper interview, and upcoming EAST show!
Photo by www.lucaspurvis.com

Kiah's Studio!

Kiah's Studio!

Atmospheric #4

Raspberry Morning
In the spirit of Halloween, last year with Kiah (cat), Jackie (cat's cradle - my silver spoon was around somewhere), and Laura (dia de los muertos)
Visit Kiah's website for more of her work, including the amazing murals she creates. Read the wonderful interview about Kiah on the Austin EavesdropperArt and studio photos from Kiah's Flickr.

Keep up the painting!
Jackie & Laura
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