Chevron Tables and Jewels

Between my move from Austin to Los Angeles last month, I had a wonderful two week pit-stop at my parents house in Santa Fe. A monumental project that'd been brewing for months was what to do with this equally monumental table my dad had built for the back yard. Seating 12 easy, the size of the wood beam table matches the vast views and open space of the property, but felt like an empty face begging for some color. My mom is one of those with a paint brush in one hand and a hammer in the other, constantly changing the environment around her and never settling. (she literally just said to me on the phone "I see beauty in everything surrounding me" in response to her completion of the laundry room re-model). 

This table had already gone through color lives of: natural wood stain, mustard yellow, orange, turquoise, red, apple green, and grey. When I arrived, it was a chalky blue with peeks of all the previous colors saying hello through the knots and cracks. Really cool, but still lonely looking and detached from the rest of the yard. Being way too inspired by chevron stripes these days, mom and I went at it taping and measuring, and tried our hand at creating a chevron runner, hoping to break up a bit of the overpowering color on this huge table. We never quite got it right, I had to leave with the project incomplete and unsatisfied. My brother betted that it would be painted at least two more times before I was back for Thanksgiving..

As I was posting these new chevron inspired necklaces (available now on our etsy site), an email from mom popped up with the image of this stunning final result. I'm totally blow away! She used a stencil and white wash technique to complete the design, and it turned out better than I ever imagined - way to go, Mom! 

Finished result of mom's chevron patterned table = killer!
I'm just loving the geometry in patterns right now, and hadn't quite figured out the best way to parlay it into our jewelry designs. After weeks of trying to make it work, I think we finally came up with our new line: Chevron and Southwest inspired long necklaces with Druzy Quartz stone pendants and vintage finds (like the ivory pocket knife below scored at an estate sale in Pasadena of a former silent film director!) We will be posting many more necklaces and earrings in this style, a perfect accessory to welcome fall. 

The Vintage Pocket Knife Necklace .. Turquoise and Gray Chevron

The Crystal Druzy Quartz Drop Necklace .. Blue and Turquoise Chevron

The Druzy Quartz Drop Necklace .. Peruvian Opal Stripes

The Pink Druzy Quartz Necklace .. Red and Bronze Chevron

The Tiger Quartz Drop Necklace .. Black and Bronze Chevron

Enjoy! J

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