Blooms and Words

Stumbling onto an artist or music new to my eyes or ears is wonderful. So wonderful in fact that I may venture to say it is one of one of my favorite things. Therefore my smile was off the charts when I met up with the band American Bloomers this past weekend, to chat about designing their debut album art.* Because not only have I been introduced to their talented sound; in chatting about their inspirations, they introduced me to Sister Corita Kent, an amazing woman and artist whom I had yet to discover. Music, aaand art!

Okay rewind. American Bloomers: it's so exciting to meet a band that you not only love their sound, but the people behind the sound are really real, and represent the music they play. That said, they are oh so talented, and have dig roots in some serious rock and roll + California folk, fantastic song writing, and have my favorite alt-folk-indie-rock sound to them. If you are in LA, join me at their show tomorrow night!

I'm pulling together an inspiration package for the band's new look right now, and will be sure to share the final approved version as well as their album release date when we are complete! 

Included in my inspiration packet is Sister Corita Kent
"I am not brave enough to not pay my income tax and risk going to jail. But I can say rather freely what I want to say with my art."
Before Photoshop allowed for word collages and fonts easily manipulated at our fingertips, there were wordsmiths and artists piecing together what's soon to be dead mediums- newspaper, magazines - and making political and visual statements. A new inspiration behind my graphic design and art, the intention she sets behind each piece is powerful, and something to be recognized in this day of incessant words telling us things and selling us things everywhere we go.

I'll leave you with a few of her visuals (courtesy of Google Images) and suggest visiting the Corita Art Center site to learn more about her life and work, if you are interested. 

*yup, this is a site about Awaiting Alice- you're not lost! When I'm not twiddling with beads and gems, I'm mostly behind a computer or easel creating graphic design or illustration work. It all kind of funnels into one another though, as one inspires the other. Take a peek at my design + illustration site to see the 2D world of this jewelry designer.. 

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