So far

White plastered walls with sloped ceiling edges, hardwood floor, too much furniture, big windows with big views of beautiful California palms, bougainvillea, and hibiscus, tiny kitchen with tiny fridge and subway tiles and farmers sink, lots of natural light, cozy cozy = our new home. 

This is ell ay. This is where I live now, away from the 107+ degree summers, away from the cool springs of Barton, away from the Texmex queso and yalls and hat tipping. After months of house hunting from 1,379 miles away and renting a place blind (it had been 5 years since I had set foot in LA previous to pulling up in front of our new home), we found our new home 3 days before the moving truck pulled to pack up our life in Austin. 

Aside from the adjustment of big hills, surrounding mountains, mega freeways (always jammed), the ocean (!) new faces license plates and accents - I'm such a nester that the biggest adjustment so far (aside from saying goodbye to best friends) has been the house. Casita. Downsizing from our 2br dream home in East Austin, we found a gem buried in the hillside of Mount Washington - an area that doesn't typically elicit an oooo that's so cute response - but it really is. We are surrounded by papuserias and King Taco, have such a sweet local and delicious Antigua coffee shop around the corner, and are (from my two short weeks here) pretty centrally located. It takes 30 minutes to get to the beach. And 30 minutes to get to the mountains. 15 to Trader Joe's, Silverlake Yoga, and the Post Office (I'm there at least 3 times a week shipping orders). And 2.5 hours to San Diego, 13 hours to Santa Fe, and a mere 25.5 hours to Austin. 

From my new casita to yours, enjoy!
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