Head Over Heels

Laura just returned home to Austin from a stunning trip to Singapore, Bali and Thailand; and I just finished unpacking the last box in my new casita in the hills of Los Angeles. Lots of news and change for Awaiting Alice, but also lots of exciting growth - we are so happy to say that now you can find us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the cute boutique Head Over Heels! We sent over new druzy quartz stone necklaces, and our signature petal drop earrings - all in a palate of blues and greens.

On my drive from Austin to LA, I stopped to visit the fam in Santa Fe, New Mexico (and to do a little work - more on that to come), and picked up some beautiful Peruvian Opals. Will be posting new pieces using those stunners later in the week. And hopefully we'll have some photo insights into Miss Chrisco's vacation soon too!


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