Tiger's Eye

We're going bananas for quartz this summer, big chunky sparkly quartz stones. So it's appropriate that my mom asked for a tiger's eye pendant necklace - a member of the quarz group and a crazy lusterous metamorphic rock. I think Tiger's Eye can be challenging to work with because it has so much going on individually, so I opt for designs that are simple and clean and really showcase the stone.

She wanted a simple sweet necklace that she could wear daily and that would look good layered with the other necklaces (mostly gold) that she often wears. I came up with a delicate gold chain, with Citrine rectangular stones flanked on either end of a faceted Tiger's Eye charm. Added a little pop of turquoise stones to the back clasp and voila! An undercover quartz necklace.

Happy belated birthday and waaay late Mother's Day, Mom! xo

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