Bracelet First

Secrets secrets! We were secretly asked by our Baltimore bride's fiance (remember her hot colored earrings and awesome bridesmade dresses here?) to come up with a matching bracelet as a wedding gift from him to her. He was so sweet and I thought it was really such a thoughtful gift. Never having made a bracelet before (this is just prior to being asked to make one for Maddie's peacock prom), this was a super challenge. I'm all about design challenges.

We wanted to make something simple but elegant. Not to compete with the hairpiece or earrings, but also something substantial that could be worn again and paired with bigger funkier bracelets for a cool modern look.

Using vintage sterling silver round linked chain, a gorgeous vintage clasp with costume pearl in the center, and two semi-precious Apatite faceted teardrop stones, we came up with something classy with a touch of unexpected charm.

Our secret fiance had a great idea of adding a personal touch, and we ordered a beautiful sterling silver charm engraved with their initials and wedding date. Hopefully this bracelet will be something that our Baltimore bride can enjoy for years to come. Thanks to both for working with us, and congrats on your marriage!

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