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Three cheers for peacocks! Their feathers are just absolutely crazy beautiful, and I'm so thrilled that we got to work with their natural color scheme for an upcoming October wedding in St. Louis (post to come next).

For those lucky of you who are located in Austin, have you visited Mayfield Park yet? Shhhh... this is one of my favorite secrets of this city.. It's a hidden gem of 23 acres in West Austin with a few short walking trails, but mostly housing a beautiful cottage from the early 1900s and dozens - dozens - of wild peacocks! There are even a few white guys waddling around, which is due most likely to selective breeding and rather than albino, they are probably decendants of a leucistic White Peafowl (fyi for trivia night).

(I snagged these photos on my last visit there in late February)

Thanks to the Texas heat, the birds use their massive claws to dig shallow holes in the dirt, to find some salvage from the sun - and this is where to look for feathers. It's such a scavenger hunt to spot the brilliant blue or shocking emerald from the ground. According to the history of the park, "the peacocks were gifts from friends in 1935 and their descendants are here today." When I think of peacocks, I do think of royalty and legacy, how appropriate!

And unless you've been living in a hole for the past 3 years, you have seen a fair share of everything peacock patterned. Here's a taste of my few favorites...

I liked the simplicity of this shirt with the graphic feather lines - rare to see the ends of the feather, rather than the "eye" pattern of the peacock feather. (from etsy shop: sealmaiden)

I thought these tights (er um tattoo socks) were adorable, especially for a night out to add a little drama or edge. (from etsy shop: post)

A beautiful wedding bouquet (from etsy shop: Ivyandell).

Stunning 14k Gold and Rose Cut Diamond Bracelet, with peacock heads at the top - looove the design, a bit out of my price range though ($3,250 yeeeeesh), put it on the wish list, just above "somewhere to wear my new peacock diamond bracelet." (from etsy shop: jindels)

Sweet locket (I'm a sucker for lockets). (from etsy shop: emmagemshop)

Beautiful handbags for bridesmaids, although I would love one just for date or girls night! (from etsy shop: EllenVintage)

Stunning fabric and love the teal ribbon tie on these clutches. (from etsy shop: ao3designs)


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