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Half of the Awaiting Alice duo (me, Jackie) is picking up and moving to that great west coast city of Los Angeles. I'm going to start my acting career. Juuuust kidding. But I am moving, and I'm equally excited and sad about my departure/arrival. Austin is home and has been for the last three years, and more than any other city I've had the grand opportunity to live in, this one owns my heart in the people, events, activities, food, mood, heartbeat of the city, and music. So in lieu of my end of July move, I'm going to chronicle my favorites of Austin once a week.

Today I had a quintessential Austin day exploring South Lamar. It's hot as F here now (welcome summer) and in between finishing up earring orders and working on web design (for the fabulous Think Creative Consulting), I moseyed on down to LuLu B's food truck for a Vermicelli Bowl. Fresh chicken, cucumbers, vermicelli, carrots, parsley, lettuce, and garlic + fish sauce = deeeeeelicious summer lunch. Topped it off with a glass of lemonade, and treated myself to a few pieces of Ginger Chocolate for something sweet. Yum.

As far as food trucks go, Lu Lu B's is at the top of the list. Always fresh, big portions = I always have leftovers, inexpensive ($8 for a vermicelli bowl), vegetarian options, and totally off the beaten path (it sits alone under an oak tree on South Lamar between the Psychic shop and Office Max), they are the friendliest staff ever. Just bring cash.

Before picking up lunch I stopped in at Fannie's Fabric (next door to Highball and Alamo Drafthouse South) to pick up a few Dupioni Silk fabric swatches for a future wedding project. They have a wonderful selection of designer fabrics, and they are always so helpful. I always end up drooling over their Ikat selection, if I could I would adorn my entire home in that pattern...

And after Fannies I found myself in my one-two stop shopping for beads and metals at Bead It (buckets upon buckets of beads and goodies) and then Legendary Beads (tables filled with semi precious stones and gems).

Even in the perfect LA weather, I'm going to be dreaming of hot Austin days like today.


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