Peacock Blues Wedding

As promised, the peacock color inspired pieces for an October wedding in St. Louis, Missouri! The bride was awesome and easy as pie to work with turning most of the "creative" decisions over to her best friend - which I thought was hilarious and actually a pure sign of how well her bridesmaid knows her. All around this was a dream projecto!

We created eight earrings, all with gold filled chain, wire, and earring hooks. Not only did we use our signature fabric petals and variety of beads and stones, but we also included hand-cut swatches of vintage silk sari - that is the brilliant emerald with threads of gold peeking out. I absolutely love how this fabric looks, it's so rich and kind of decomposes and unravels itself to show the individually dyed silk threads. A stunning pairing with the fabric petals and beads. The bride's hair piece includes a real peacock feather, fabric petals, vintage gems, stones and beads.

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