Back to School Shoes

New Year, new resolutions, including the one (just like every other blog writer out there) to make more habit of entries. Hm. Well, at least I was inspired to begin with something as AWESOME as this.

Firstly, thanks to my world-wide-web-expert-stumbler-brother Trevor, we now have this amazing application: Ommmwriter. See visual below. And note that entire rest of blog entry was written in the elegant environment provided by Ommmwriter, and at record speed, I must add.

What a beautiful way to type. Peaceful music, stunning scenery, even with NPR playing in the background, I am transported to a place filled with words asking to be used.

This serene and necessary application was created by the absolutely intriguing design company,Herraiz Soto & Co. They seem like people I would want to discuss all matters of our human world, while sitting in a corner of an ancient bar surrounded by old photos and the tingling excitement of new conversation. Not only that, but thier portfolio is jaw-dropping. Do love new ideas.

With a client list of everyone from Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream to Camper shoes, they make design and marketing look like Fuuuun again. And speaking of, here are those new shoes for school: found on Camper's Season Preview 2011. I'm sure my mom would announce something like, "I had to wear those everyday in Catholic School for 10 years...you liiiike them...? Well I guess everything makes a comeback..." And I think she's (in this pretend conversation) pretend-right. Because it seems everything does make a comeback. But the skill comes in not by wearing it, but designing it - again - before it's too late, or too early.

And I'm ready for these. Bring on the school days (note: I'm no longer a student but these could sway me to apply), if only to wear these cute puppies and skip around to my Ommmmwriter background music and dream of one day meeting its makers in a shady bar in Spain.

And ps - their ad/intro for Labuat is totally in Spanish (another of my resolutions...), but beautiful yet, and filled with something that makes you just plain gleeee-ful when you participate...

Aaaannd Oh MAN I almost forgot this one (another client of Herraz Soto & Co): facial hair and disguise stickers for your laptop !


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