It's fair to say that neither one of us is afraid of color. We tend to challenge one another with the most heinous fabric or flower petal color - just to see if we can make something cool out of it. The running joke between us is trying to make something awesome out of the black petals, or "deeeeeeeeeath" (said as if at a heavy metal concert) petals. Currently to no avail, but someday we will, just you wait...maybe for fall?

In the meantime, an array of a few of my favorite summer colors. The lime green of my living room wall, the intense fucia purple of the odd and amazing blooms hugging on to an Oak limb, the tequila bottle I bought just because it had a limited edition kickass print on the back, the perfectly manicured green grass at Central Park, and the yellow yellow of a walk sign littered with wonderful red stickers on a busy street intersection.


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