Bloomin Inspirations

oh oh how Summer in Texas can sneak up on us all...phew, it's definitely not here yet. This is for all you still bundled up and tired of looking down only to see boot toes and left-over snow. A tiny quick visual of Spring in Austin...

Yes, in between the sweltering hot days and nights of Summer, lie three more than lovely yet less talked about seasons. With a bout of rain on and off for weeks, interspersed with absolutely stunning cloudless 70 degree days - the flowers and green buds on all our many many trees in this spectacular city are. going. off. OFF. I'm talking overnight sensation for the eyes nose and if you listen really carefully I'm sure you can even hear sprouts and seedlings chitty chatting to eachother in friendly competition. And so we are inspired. Awaiting Alice and the flower+jewels+color+bursts of fuuuuunk are on. ON. A few visual finds from last weeks jaunt to San Antonio (to say a quick hello to the Alamo, remember our roots, race on the riverwalk, and Come and Take It)..

Actual original walkway of The Alamo. (yes, that's right, I'm not even kidding you here, this is a real, legit photo) ..

Texas Mountain Laurel blooming like bonanza right now, with a scent as sweet as its blossoms look ..

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