it's a studio .. sort of

Sooooo the studio is coming coming along - finally can see the top of the desk and was actually inspired to create something whilst sitting down in a chair at the table, rather than dumping everything on the floor and crawling around third grade style. However, we have come up with our more brilliant designs via knee crawling, as well as the birth of our infamous quote "where's the tool?"

(fyi: we owned a single 'tool' for over the first year of alice's production. I think it contributed to the destruction of either Laura's or I's personal bubble of space .. its mandatory for physical closeness when sharing a single tool in jewelry production = no bubble)

But now .. the days have come, where we can again blow up our bubbles (yeah right) and work like sanitary people in chairs and tables.

Got this necklace charm to finish today.. Began it yesterday out of a leather medalian (saved from my ancient and well worn old wallet), some hand embroidery, an soft old plaid shirt of mine, a few upcycled be-jewels, of course some signature silk petals, and an antique pin found by Laura at the wonderous City Wide Garage Sale. In my head I see it hanging either on a short delicate chain simply as the only charm, or on a long chunky chain offset on the side paired with a heavier vintage charm dangling at the bottom... not sure where it'll go .. hopefully not in the "no.no." pile.

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