Everything-Everyone Goes Alice

Yes, yes, I saw the mega display last month at Barnes and Nobles complete with the awesome hot pink leather bound and gold leaf issues of Through the Looking Glass. Followed other designer's Alice trends? Eh, sortof... Some are an absolute wonderful spin and super creative (read: Anthro's lamp), and others seem a bit quick to and uninspiring, just a fast way to jump on the movie fan wave. Although I have to say, do love any OPI clever name, Thanks So Muchness, Mad as a Hatter, Absolutely Alice, Off with her Red!... (I'm that girl who buys the nailpolish if the name makes me chuckle, hence the NicoleAlert! blinding orange currently on my toes).

The always inspiring, Anthropologie brings Alice into our living rooms with their stacked One-Lump-or-Two Lamp. Am loving the idea of creating your own with simple wiring* and stacking mismatched china on top of one another. Possible? Ideas on how to drill through porcelain without shattering? (*and by simple, I mean letting HandyManAndy at it while I sit back as Creative Director...)

Tom Binns created the Disney Couture Jewelry line just in time for the Tim Burton film release. Am feelin the excessive charm bracelets:

Totally into the idea of a big fatty bow in place of a skinny belt this summer, as found in the tea-time tearsheet (via GlamChic):

Even Avril Lavigne (yup) has jumped down the Alice hole...Her clothing collection for all ages (really? don't super see my mom prancing around in waistcoats), inspired after she wrote the title song for the recent film:

Fin (for now). Enjoy!
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