all things antique-y

This winter en route to my family for the holidays .. atx to santa fe nm .. I roadtripped it sola and found the most incredible stop off somewhere in between Denton and Amarillo. Just after a quick leg stretch in Electra, TX to see the "Liberty Park" and almost minutes after the ranch house with the red convertible in the front yard filled with blow up dolls (*see exhibit a.)

(sign above says "Keep Texas Beautiful Winner 1985")

(*exhibit a. I actually turned around three times to get this and took it whilst driving. don't tell my dad)

I u-turned to hit up an antique shop on the side of the freeway. Jackpot bonanza. The owner, Sarah, was incredible and extremely friendly, and once she realized I was not looking for collectors items ..

"Oh, so you don't mind if they are missing jewels or are a bit funky?"
"No maam, the funkier the better"
"Well I think I've got just the thing for you..."

Shuffles around in the back room for a minute only to reemerge with baggies and tupperwares filled to the brim of lost and nearly forgotten pieces of injured brooches, broken pocket watches, mismatched earrings, strange whatsitwhosits and a dangley crystal ball thingy.

"I'll take these. All. Everything. Done."

Spoken after approximately three hours of sifting and ooohing and ahh-ing. She thought I was crazy.

Brace yourself for the unveiling of a few new parts for ... the 2010 line!

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