New Year, New Decade, New Pretty Things

Square of Seguin, Texas.

Last year ended watching the rise of the blue moon over the mountains of Canyoncito and Glorieta in the backyard of my parents adobe home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A chilly teen-degree night strolling through the snow filled streets of the luminaria lit plaza, followed by live music and then a cozy night of board games with my family in front of the fireplace, all led to an awakening the following morning. New decade. NEW DECADE. Last decade we were all busied and harrowed with the idea of the apocalypse - oh, not you? yeah I was in South Texas... - and as I was only 4 years old for the entrance of the previous decade, I am starting this one with a mellow, hello, hi decade, how are you, I am ready to begin.

And begin we shall! With images of road trips and travel collected from my many drives between the high deserts of New Mexico to the rolling hills of west Texas.

Galveston, TX last year just after Hurricane Ike.

On a lunch stop in a now nearly abandoned train city just east of Joshua Tree, CA.

Post, TX where I followed the signs to the city museum, through a door that was apparently a time machine that warped me back to the orange shag carpets and dark stained wood walls of the 70s. I walked up the stairs ready to dance, if need be, and practically ran into the nicest lady on the planet. She guided me through the museum's collection privately, and even allowed the average 45 seconds viewing time for each piece. I was there for hours. Post cereal? Yes. This is the man. His dream was to create the most perfect town. The street lights are still intact, there is no graffiti, no crime, no broken window, and no one under the age of 73. The main street has the most adorable painted iron trash cans and flower pots on every corner. Unfortunately if there were any shop fronts not vacant, they were either an antique store (closed) or the 5 & Dime, which had significantly increased its prices since its sign was installed.

West Texas, about a mile east from where I got a speeding ticket.

Clovis, New Mexico. Welcome to the state!

Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mom's favorite niche in her adobe home wall.

The 285 route back home.

And of course, Roswell, NM.
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