My Local .. wait no.. Foreign Love Affair

Such a prideful statement: I SHOP LOCAL. Well I do. When I can.
I LOVE farmers markets, little grocery stores,

trailer park eateries, and all -well most- places that don't have replicas on every block in every town(sorry Starbucks). Local music, which we have a pretty great showing of here (Margo Valiante, The Blue Hit, James McMurtry) I'm a big fan.

But I also hold a little secret love affair for all things foreign. Jackie and I had the pleasure of going to a beautiful wedding of our friends, Zoe Brant (a fellow suburban high school classmate) and Pascal Petit (Parisian). Amazing people, amazing time. Just being around so many people from all over,(there were a bunch of Frenchies present) made me remember how much I love all things unique and foreign.
Quilts from Paris,

Handmade fabrics from La Paz,

and antiquities from Buenos Aires San Telmo Market. Isn't it funny how something so common place to one, can be so extraordinarily amazing to another.

- Tweedle L

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