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Yo yo, to the world premiere of Awaiting Alice ... the blog. Allow me to reintroduce myself..my name is HOV. H to the O V. Just kidding. I'm Jackie, and the other half of this brainchild that is Awaiting Alice, is my best friend and partner in creative crime, Laura. Or as I like to refer to her, LC. No, not the same character from the Hills. Sorry to disappoint. But really, rather than a disappointment, I think you will find what we have to say much more valuable than reality tv. Because, lets face it. This is reality. Blogs.

Awaiting Alice is a jewelry company that LC and I started way back when in the summer of 2008 while we were living the life of vagabonds at her families 1920's lake house on the bank of Lake McQueeney, Texas. Look it up on a map, its awesome. At the time, Laura had just returned from her mecca to South America and I from a trip to Puerto Rico. Disenchanted with our job prospects, she in Houston, I in Santa Fe, New Mexico; we decided to spend the summer doing the job search together and figuring out how we were going to move to Austin, TX. Because we couldn't do it without a job, so we took the side route. Limbo, if you will, for a few glorious summer months on the lake. Best friends since middle school, but it wasn't until LC talked me into showing my artwork to her AP Art instructor in 10th grade, which got me into the class, and thereforth sealed my fate as an artist, did we make the connection that we were both creators.

And here we are. Ten years later, we are burgeoning artists and jewelry designers - together! So this is a blog about creation. About inspiration, what we are inspired by, who we find inspiring and curious, and about our work.


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