Well overdue, but an official note saying aloha! Hello, and see you in a bit! Awaiting Alice has been such an incredible excursion into the world of jewelry and commerce, but we are taking a summer siesta. We have such exciting happenings and can't properly give the right attention to this bustling little business (for now!)

What's happening, you ask? Well, Laura is trading in her beloved Austin for Harvard (!) and will continue to make good change in education and policy for undocumented students. And Jackie is getting hitched this summer and trading in the coast of Los Angeles for the Pacific Northwest to make Washington her new home.

We plan to open the doors of our Awaiting Alice shop back up in the Fall, but until then - safe travels, and thank you for all your many years of support!

So much love,
Jackie + Laura



I realized that my daily playlists pretty much had the same theme running. Guy + Girl. Duos of songwriters, one girl and one guy. They all make me want to pick up a guitar and teach Andy how to harmonize. Thought I'd share my rotating obsessions:

 The Civil Wars. Got to see them last weekend at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (a must if you're near San Francisco) and was bloooown away. Elegant, haunting, pitch perfect melodies with a guitar. That's it.

Bowerbirds. Okay, they are more three than two, but for today we are just going to focus on the two Philip Moore and Beth Tacular, and point out that they live in a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. Love!

And of course Angus and Julia Stone. A little Aussie sibling sounds brings me right into happy work zone for the day.

Happy listening!

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Topography maps are so beautiful. Abstract visuals of such accuracy read correctly by those who speak that language. I just picked up an armful of old topo maps of the Colorado mountains and have been playing around with some little ink drawings of animals overtop. Ah, happy Monday everyone! It's going to be a great week. 

Sketchbook by Jackie //



Ever have those weeks when the world feels so big and time goes so fast and gravity is making your feet especially heavy (so all you want to do is drink sparkling wines and eat ice cream)? This won't help, but it will fire those invisible synapses for a few illuminating minutes. 



Trips and visits are the best, but I so hate when they end. Laura made the trek from the lovely Austin over to LA for a long weekend visit filled with jewelry making, thrift hunting, city exploring, lots of eating (and prosecco toasting), business meetings, and to top it all off - wedding dress shopping.

A stolen scene from one of the many days and nights spent around the table constructing new jewels for our fall line!

- Jackie



Amazing performance show - exhibition? - in the incredible concrete Hala Stulecia or Centennial Hall, in Poland. Check out the Making Of video too. Unbelievable visuals!




"Tonight, I walked into a sunset."
- Georgia O'Keefe

Sketchbook by Jackie // 



Our Cotton Glitter posts will pick back up in a few weeks, when we reveal our new shop platform (rubbing our hands with excitement) filled with all sorts of new items - jewels, art, and found items! So until then, while we are running around behind the scenes prepping for our November 1 Shop Reveal, we will continue sharing our inspirations and sketches here - for our own, and hopefully your, enjoyment!

Aaand in another note, I'm doing my first Triathalon (Sprint) this weekend and am prettttty terrified. I'll be happy to make it home on Monday in one piece. There are so many inspiring sports and running pins, have you checked any of them out? I kind of love how Pinterest is always filled with a ton of beautiful food images, and then some badass sweating and killing a workout. Like this morning I found a pin of some perfect abs sitting right next to a pin of eggs benedict. That's what I'll be thinking about during my swim: just finish and I'll get some eggs benedict. 

Here's to challenges on the weekend! - Jackie

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"For how myght sweetness ever hav be known
To hym that never tastyd bitternesse."
- Chaucer

Sketchbook by Jackie //



Happy Labor Day! Okay so since it's a holiday, I'm indulging. I'm utterly obsessed with everything these Aussie designers do. Their travels, palettes, compositions, vignettes, dresses - oh my the dresses... and their music taste - spot on! Doing a little early morning wedding dress shopping has me fixated on their latest line, just a perfect way to get the holiday started with a cup of coffee.

I'm totally considering the long white one for my wedding dress - thoughts? - Jackie

Photos from Sass and Bide //
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